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Adam Lambert interview in Dagens Nyheter 24/11 2015

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Interview with Adam Lambert, article from Dagens Nyheter 2015-11-24.

Adam Lambert feels right at home in Sweden

Image 1 of 2: With the upcoming solo tour and this summer’s gigs with Queen, Lambert’s calendar is fully booked. But when he gets some time off he dreams of new acting opportunities. He has earlier, among other things, worked on “Glee”.

Image 2 of 2: Adam Lambert has done several tours together with the legendary band Queen. He describes the opportunity to work with them as “surreal and wonderful”.

This spring, Adam Lambert will be coming to Sweden for the second time in a short period of time. And this summer it will be time for yet another visit, that time together with the band Queen. But the American Idol runner up doesn’t mind the many travels. – I like the energy in Sweden, he says.

It’s just a few weeks since Adam Lambert performed on the Swedish “Idol” stage. Even though it was just a flying visit, following a short stop in China, he appreciated it.

– It was lovely being in Stockholm, I got to know the city well when I spent two months there as I worked on my last album, he says.

At that time, he got the chance to explore the city and has found several favourite spots, most of them along Birger Jarlsgatan. He felt that the city became a second home, for a while.

One of the Swedes that he worked together with was Tove Lo. You can hear her singing on the song “Rumors” and Lambert describes her as “fantastic”.

– I remember our first songwriting day together, in the evening we had dinner at the restaurant East and talked about life and earlier relationships. That’s how we found inspiration for some of the lyrics, it’s from our actual experiences, he tells.

Soon he’ll embark on his first solo tour in five years and on the 23rd of April “The Original High Tour” will come to Sweden and Fryshuset. At the moment, it is all being planned.

– I don’t want to give away any details, but I will be doing one or two songs that I’ve never played live before, he says and adds:

– The concert will take the audience on a journey, the show will be divided in different parts with a totally different feel to each of them, it feels really exciting.

Lambert will perform songs from the latest album on this tour, which also shares the name with the album, but there’ll also be hits from his earlier two albums and “some surprises”.

When Adam Lambert was in his twenties he started to discover 1970’s rock and the band Queen. Barely ten years later, in 2011, he got the chance to go on tour with the band as their lead singer.

This summer they will be doing several gigs together – one of them being Sweden Rock in Sölvesborg. Lambert longs to play with the band again and says that they have become his “second family”.

Queen’s classic rock songs are quite different from his pop songs.

– It’s interesting to revisit these classic songs from back in the day with them – and at the same time go into the future with my own material. I get a bit of both worlds, says Lambert.


Facts: Adam Lambert

  • Age: 33
  • From: Indianapolis, USA
  • Background: Rose to fame in 2009 when he became the runner up on “American Idol”. Winner was Kris Allen.
  • Current: His third album, “The Original High” was released in June this year and he’s about to go on a solo tour that visits Sweden in April next year. Performs together with Queen at Sweden Rock next summer.
  • Other: He was on five episodes of “Glee” and hopes to do more acting in the future.

Facts. Adam Lambert about…

  • Sweden: “Swedes are very sweet and I like the energy here in the country. I feel like there is a ‘live and let live’ feeling in the society. People are very open and there’s a lot of tolerance for different lifestyles and it feels like people know how to have a good life, a nice lifestyle. I have such a good feeling when I’m there, I like it here very much”.
  • Queen: “To sing their songs is very interesting because it’s so different from my own music. To be on stage with them is very loud, there’s a lot of guitar and drums – ’it’s very rock’n’roll’”.
  • American Idol: “It’s amazing that the program achieved what it has. They really put people on the map! All the different themes are a good challenge and it is a good way to prepare for some aspects of the music business”.
  • The future: “It would be fun to do a feature film or work on more TV series”.

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Translated by Adam Lambert Sverige

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