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Review: Di Weekend

Dagens Industri Weekend
12 June, 2015

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Adam Lambert
The Original High (Warner)
4 out of 5

Melodies to kill for

Review. It felt like a new record when Madonna worked with eight Swedish songwriters on her last album. Yet, she has nothing on Adam Lambert’s new album, which is produced by Max Martin and Shellback. In total, 19 Swedish songwriters have been involved, almost all under the age of 30.
The broadness of Swedish song-writing today is astonishing. Sweden has a better substitute bench than other nations’ A teams. The fact that four of the Swedish songwriters are female is a sign that even the song-writing industry is slowly, slowly closing in on the development of the artist side, where women easily dominate  the scene today.

Adam Lambert has also made the modern pop album that Madonna tried to make but never really managed.
Lambert came in second place on American Idol 2009, was the first openly gay contestant, and he also has a background in musical theatre. And the fact that he has taken the place of Freddie Mercury in the reunited Queen says quite a lot about both his charisma and vocal prowess. That type of vocal equilibrium, the biggest asset you can have in the musical theatre and opera world, can however be a disadvantage in the pop world – but Max Martin and Shellback get Adam Lambert to hold back.
The result is slightly darker, bitter-sweet pop with melodies others would kill for. The production is state of the art, with elements of house and trap, all whilst being restrained and playful: on one song a whistle gets to carry the melody, another song is instead carried by finger snapping.
Pop music in the 2010s doesn’t get any better than this.

Original article: Jan Gradvall
Translated by: Adam Lambert Sverige

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